Whether your application is primary breaking, primary or secondary demolition, trenching, asphalt cutting, ground compacting, metallurgical industry or specialised areas such as scaling, tunneling and underwater demolition Rammer has a solution.

The Rammer brand has been setting standards for breaking for over three decades and was the first brand to offer large and heavy duty hydraulic rockbreakers for tough conditions

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Rammer’s comprehensive range of powerful, productive and durable hydraulic rockbreakers are suitable for carriers in the 0.6 to 120 tonnes operating weight class. For features, applications and specifications of each rock breaker range follow the links below.

A recently launched new range of Rammer Demolition Tool Attachments have been designed to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of various demolition applications. They share the same quality characteristics that have made Rammer Rockbreakers a preferred choice for mining and quarry operators as well as construction and demolition contractors across the globe. These versatile tools that have features such as central pin adjustment to prevent jaw deviation, jaw design that allows crushed material to fall away from the cutting or crushing area, cutting blades that have four usable and reversible sides and tips that can be replaced without welding. All these and many other features minimise maintenance and help you maintain high productivity levels during the whole demolition task.

Rammer has the right boom for every need as the Boom systems range is wide, with 40 models from 1,000kg up to 18 tonne heavy duty models, with reaches from 1 metre up to 17 metres.