Refurbished Equipment


In addition to our broad range of new and hire equipment, we also sell quality refurbished rockbreakers and compactor plates.


Quality, guaranteed

At Walkers Hammers we are quite selective about what we will and won't sell. Before offering any used equipment for sale it must pass our three-stage quality assurance system:

  1. Inspected for overuse or damage
  2. Tested for strength & durability
  3. Fully serviced & repaired.

All of our quality used equipment is offered with an industry leading minimum six-month guarantee, and we can also provide the ongoing maintenance your equipment will require in the years to come.


Refurbished Equipment for Sale


Rammer G80 for sale   Simex Planer for sale   Rammer G88 for sale

Rammer G80

Suits Carriers 27 - 40t

$34,500 + GST


Simex PL 45.20 Planer

Weight 790- 940kg

$11,500 + GST


Sandvik/Rammer G88

Suits Carriers 27 - 40t

$36,000 + GST

Rammer G100 for sale        

Sandvik/Rammer G100

Suits Carriers 40 - 70t