Pro Range

Rammer Pro Range - Extreme Duty Hydraulic Rockbreakers

Going Extreme - Rammer has extended its innovation lead with the introduction of an all-new extreme rockbreaker range for customers working in extreme applications.

In the PRO range the standard Rammer 2577, 4099 and 5011 features have been backed by a range of enhancements that help the PRO rockbreakers withstand extreme working conditions. These units benefits from a sealed housing structure that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt, thereby extending the working life of both the rockbreaker and the tool. A top cover plate has sealed through apertures for stump hydraulic hoses and features sealed hose connections for grease, air and water. The PRO rockbreakers have a sturdy housing design and wear resistant wear plates that make it perfect for hor-izontal working duties in applications such as tunneling.

To match the demands of the extreme applications in which it will work, the Rammer 4099 PRO is also offered with special tools for horizontal primary breaking and is designed to work with a broad range of auxiliary systems such as automatic greasing, air flow for excessively dusty applications, and Rammer’s Water Jet system for dust suppression.

Going Underground - For customers working in tunneling applications, Rammer has pulled together a full package of auxiliary systems and solutions designed to protect the rockbreaker from the demands of this extreme application, lower owning and operating costs, and to make the PRO range the toughest rockbreakers in the world. 

The unique AGW Unit comprises the proven Ramair air flush system that prevents potentially harmful dust ingress; the Ramlube I automatic lubrication system to ensure consistent and thorough greasing; and the Water Jet dust suppression package to minimise the creation of dust during breaking. Hydrau-lically-actuated and requiring no additional power supply, the AGW Unit is easy and safe to install and maintain and ensures that the PRO rockbreaker is protected and productive throughout its working life. 

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