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Power packs built by Rammer are designed specifically to work alongside Rammer hammers and booms.

All Rammer power packs are delivered with complete electrification. Built by Rammer to power all boom breaking needs, power packs are sized to match the chosen hammer. Ready-made power packs guarantee easy, reliable installation - just connect the electricity and turn the switch.



Electric motor - Squirrel cage motor in vertical position

  • Power - 55 kW at 1500 rpm
  • Voltage - 400 V, 50 Hz / 480 V, 60 Hz (Standard), Other voltages available

Hydraulic pump - Variable displacement, piston type

  • Capacity - 210 l/min at 1500 rpm / 250 l/ min at 1800 rpm

Heavy duty version

Filtration - Air breather (10 microns)
- Return line filter (10 microns) with clogging indicator
- Pressure line filter (10 microns) with clogging indicator

Oil pressure gauge - 25,0 MPa

Pressure relief valve -Internal relief valve 25,0 MPa

Oil level switch -Electric cut-off switch

Drain valve - R1" plugged

Oil cooler - Air cooled, thermostat controlled

  • Fan -Electric motor driven 0,37 kW

Hour meters - Electric power pack hour meter
- Electric hammer hour meter


Oil heater - Electric heaters 2 x 2,5 kW, Thermostat controlled


  • Gyratory Crushers
  • Grizzly
  • Heavy Duty Crushers


  • Rammer full electrification
  • Return filter
  • Oil level switch
  • Hour meter
  • Pressure filter and oil cooler

Compatible with XL1020, XL1200, XL940, XM300, XM500, XM500HD, XM600, XM600HD, XM700, XM750, XM750, XM850, XM950

Weight 1200 kg
Length 2000 mm
Width 1520 mm
Height 1350 mm

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