Product Weight


Product Carrier Weight
2.5-5.5 t


Oil Flow Range
20-70 l/min

Rammer 522 hydraulic hammer is extremely versatile and has been designed, so that it can be utilized in an infinite number of applications.

Featuring a patented, integrated mounting bracket which is capable of accommodating; Pin, bracket or quick-hitch mounting solutions, this state-of-the-art hammer and it's unbreakable tool has given a new meaning to the word durability when it comes to compact hammers.



  • Unbreakable tool
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Twin-handed
  • Sound suppressed
  • CBE (Constant blow energy)
  • No tie rods
  • Composite bushing - no greasing


  • Primary Demolition
  • Secondary Demolition
  Metric Imperial
Weight 212 kg 470 lb
Working Length 1140 mm 44.88in
Minimum working weight, flange mounted *1 220 kg 490 lb
Minimum working weight, pin mounted *2 245 kg 540 lb
Impact rate (frequency) 400-1900 bpm  
Operating pressure 110-150 bar 1595-2175 psi
Pressure relief min *3 160 bar 2320 psi
Pressure relief max 220 bar 3190 psi
Pressure in LP-circuit 36-38 bar 520-550 psi
Oil flow range 20-70 l/min 5.3-18.5 gal/min
Back pressure max 20 bar 290 psi
Input power 17.5 KW 23 hp
Tool diameter 150 mm 5.91 in
Pressure line connection (IN) SAE J514 37* (JIC)- 10 MALE  
Return line connection (OUT) SAE J514 37* (JIC)- 10 MALE  
Pressure line size *4 16 mm 0.63 in
Return line size *4 16 mm 0.63 in
Optimum oil temperature 40-60°C 104-140 °F
Allowed oil temperature range -20-80°C -4-176°F
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature 30-60cSt  
Allowed viscosity range 20-1000cSt  
Miniexcavator weight, optimum 2.9-4.2 t 6400-9300 lb
Miniexcavator weight, range *5 2.5-5.5 t 5500-12100 lb
Skid steer, robot weight, optimum` 1.9-2.8t 4200-6200 lb
Skid steer, robot weight, range *5 1.6-3.9 t 3500-8000 lb
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC) 133 dB(A)  
Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 137 dB(A)  

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