Product Weight


Product Carrier Weight
43-80 t


Oil Flow Range
280-380 l/min

The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology has enabled Rammer to create hydraulic hammers that are powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class.

Rammer 5011has been designed using a revolutionary new operating principle that combines stroke length, blow energy and Rammer’s idle blow protector, allowing the hammer to be adjusted to match individual carriers and applications, improving hydraulic efficiency and safety.



  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Twin-handed
  • Sound suppressed
  • FBE (Fixed blow energy)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ramlube I (Optional)
  • Ramlube II (Optional)
  • VIDAT tie rods
  • Heavy duty housing (Optional)
  • Idle blow protector (Optional)
  • Stroke selector
  • RamValve


  • Primary Demolition
  • Boulder Breaking
  • Trenching
  • Secondary Demolition
  • Tunneling
  • Primary Breaking

Compatible with Standard Chisel Tool, Hard Rock Chisel Tool, Moil Point Tool, Pyramid Tool, Standard Blunt Tool, Super Blunt Tool, Ramlube ll, Ramlube l, Ramair, Ramdata ll, and Special Tool Grease 

  Metric Imperial
Weight 3900 kg 8600 lb
Working Length 3329 mm 131.1 in
Minimum working weight, flange mounted *1 4750 kg 10470 lb
Impact rate, long stroke 370-530bpm  
Impact rate, short stroke 450-620 bpm  
Operating pressure 160-170 bar 2320-2465 psi
Pressure relief min *2 220 bar 3190 psi
Pressure relief max 230 bar 3335 psi
Oil flow range 280-380 l/min 74.0-100.4 gal/min
Back pressure max 10 bar 145 psi
Input power 108 KW 145 psi
Tool diameter 190 mm 7.48 in
Pressure line connection (IN) SAE 6000 psi 1 1/2 in  
Return line connection (OUT) SAE 6000 psi 1 1/2 in  
Pressure line size *3 32 mm 1.26 in
Return line size *3 32 mm 1.26 in
Grease connection BSPP-internal 3/8 in  
Air connection (A) BSPP-internal 3/8 in  
Optimum oil temperature 40-60°C 104-140°F
Allowed oil temperature -20-80°C -4-176°F
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature 30-60 cSt  
Allowed viscosity range 20-1000 cSt  
Carrier weight, optimum 45-69 t 99200-152100 lb
Carrier weight, range *4 43-80 t 94800-176400 lb
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC) 122 dB(A)  
Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 126 dB(A)  

Product Disclaimer

*1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard tool

*2   Minimum setting = actual operating pressure + 50 bar or 725 psi

*3   minimum inner diameter

*4   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

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