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Oil Flow Range
36-90 l/min

Scaling is removal of loose material from the tunnel roof and walls to prevent accidents by falling rocks.

Rammer has always been at the forefront of hammer development, and the 555 scaler is just a part of the next phase in hammer development for special applications, such as scaling.

Scaling is an extremely tough job for the hammer, and only a specialized scaling hammer should be used.


  • Single lower tool bushing
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Twin-handed
  • Sound suppressed
  • Ramlube I (Optional)
  • No tie rods
  • CBE+ (Constant blow energy plus)
  • Air pipeing
  • Water jet pipeing
  • Lowered operating pressure
  • Grease pipeing


  • Scaling

Compatible with Standard Chisel Tool, Moil Point Tool, Asphalt Cutting Parallel Tool, Asphalt Cutting Traverse Tool, Compacting Tool, Ramlube l, Ramair and Special Tool Grease.

  Metric Imperial
Weight 228 kg 500 lb
Working Length 1261 mm 49.6 in
Minimum working weight, pin mounted *1 275 kg 610 lb
Impact rate (frequency) 600-1800 bpm  
Operating pressure 80-130 bar 1160-1885 psi
Pressure relief min *2 130-180 bar 1885-2610 psi
Pressure relief max 220 bar 3190 psi
Pressure in LP-circuit 30-32 bar 435-465 psi
Oil flow range 36-90 l/min 9.223.8 gal/min
Back pressure max 20 bar 290 psi
Input power 19.5 KW 26 hp
Tool diameter 72 mm 2.83 in
Pressure line connection (IN) BSPP-internal 3/4 in  
Return line connection (OUT) BSPP-internal 3/4 in  
Pressure line size *3 19 mm 0.75 in
Return line size *3 19 mm 0.75 in
Grease connection UNF 11/16-16-external  
Air connection (A) UNF 11/16-16-external  
Water connection UNF 11/16-16-external  
Optimum oil temperature 40-60°C 104-140°F
Allowed oil temperature range -20-80°C -4-176°F
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature 30-60cSt  
Allowed viscosity range 20-1000cSt  
Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Optimum 3.6-5.8 t 7900-12800 lb
Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Range *4 3.2-8.0 t 7050-17600 lb
Skid steer, robot weight, optimum 2.4 -3.9 t 5290-8600 lb
Skid steer, robot weight, range *4 1.9-5.3 t 4200-11680 lb
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC) 118 dB(A)  
Noise level, Guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 122 dB(A)  

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