Based in Melbourne and operating mainly in Western and Northern Suburbs, P & M Doherty Pty Ltd specialises in drainage work such as storm water pipe installations in urban development areas. Paul Doherty emphasises that a huge contributor to the success of the company is having reliable and productive equipment. 

“With plenty of hard ground, up to 200 MPa, in the area you need to have quality machinery and attachments. Interestingly, it is the rockbreaker that has a critical role to play on site as the biggest challenge is to get the rock out of the ground swiftly, rest is just digging and putting the pipe into the ground,” Paul explains.

“I have three of my biggest Rammer rockbreakers working all day, every day and I often think that they are the most abused equipment in my fleet but give me the least trouble”.

“It is important to our business that rockbreaker is reliable and it keeps hitting hard with minimal downtime. That is why I have Rammer,” Paul says.